Monday, February 9, 2015


Weekly DayBook - 2015, Vol. 4

"We must stand up for the rights of our neighbour who is suffering from injustice; we must defend them all the more vigorously because we see Jesus present in them. Surely this is our duty because of our love for others for his sake. We have no right to be 'sleeping watchmen' or dumb watch-dogs. Whenever we see evil we must sound the alarm."  — Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Happy Monday All!

If you read the above quote and you believe in God, you know our jobs are NEVER done, here on earth. We must stand up for our Christian brothers and sisters... and anyone else we see being treated poorly. It's hard isn't it? To be nice when others have wronged you? Don't I know it...  Before I get to my post today, I wanted to tell you about Ginny's Post: Random Acts of Kindness. Check it out.  You know, sometimes all we can do is be kind and smile through the pain... whatever it s.

Um - it's BEAUTIFUL here in Fort Worth. We are in the 70's for the next few days. On one hand, I miss a good snow storm, but on the other hand... it's so nice to have the house open or to hike with family.

So yesterday, early afternoon, we decided to check out Eagle Mountain Lake. We have friends who go there often. It is gorgeous. AND it's chock full of history. Cowboys & Indians and plenty of wildlife... you know all the good stuff.  Enter Emily! Sigh...

Ok, I'm dreadfully overweight. My body is weak (due to spinal damage and lack of exercise (let's be honest).... and it was CHALLENGING and I was not so nice to my husband and son... who were only trying to help me. But I was hurting and I fell (slipped) and I lack confidence. Sigh. So there I was, amongst the beauty... and though I enjoyed lots of it, I did not make it fun for my family.... that, I regret. I actually had a few panic attacks... I just didn't think my body could do it. I did it... but I fought myself. Literally mind over matter.

And so, we are going back again and again, so we can enjoy family time together, and so I can master it.  Remember, my word this year is DETERMINED! And so, I found this Bible Verse. I will take it with me. I will memorize it and say it over and over:
Colossians 1: 11-12 ~ 11 May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from his glorious power, and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience, while joyfully 12 giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled[a] you[b] to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light. 
God uses many moments to tame our egos. Sigh. We need to listen to Him!


Thankful For
  • Great Weather.
  • My husband has no tumor.
    • Thankful for him in general!
  • The right/privilege to homeschool!
  • Our Catholic Faith
  • My friends & extended family
  • Paper crafting…
  • Catholic Bloggers
  • YOU!
Of course, as always, I am thankful for many things. My list is endless. I just try to keep it interesting.

Thinking About…

Complaining. I wish I could stop the every -day complaining. The "they don't drive right", "OMG what is that person wearing", "I wish I had..." kind of complaints in my immediate surroundings (friends and family). I am/We are so guilty of it.

My Grandma Helen always said, "someone always has it worse", and she was so right. Sure, we don't want to hear it.... but it's true.  We are so stuck in the "have to haves", "must watch ____ show", etc.  that none of us have freedoms... or the resources to be free. Free from debt... free from chaos, etc.

But WHY?
  • Why do we care what someone has on?
  • Why do we care that a neighbor hasn't mowed their lawn?
  • Why do we act like people driving are out to get us?
  • Why can't we be happy with what we have?
  • Why can't we be good stewards of our earth?
  • Why are we self-conscious?
  • Why do we care what others think as long as we know GOD is happy with us?
  • Insert your own WHY here!
I REALLY DO NOT KNOW! Dang the humanity of it all!  I am better at some things than others... I know you are too. But don't you ever wonder why we can't just live happy lives and stop the madness that is whining and complaining?


Elizabeth is hosting a P31 Series called Marriage Monday: Project P31. Today's post is called A Rare and Valuable Jewel (as in, don't act like I did yesterday while hiking - HA).

Here is part of her post:
The adjective describing this woman has been translated virtuousexcellentnoble in charactercapable, and good in various translations of the Bible. The actual Hebrew word chayil means strength, might, wealth, or army, and when used elsewhere in Scripture is most often translated as army or men of valor. So, when I think of this woman, I think of a woman who is strong, capable, courageous and worth an entire army to her family and her nation!  In fact, her value is priceless!

I've always wondered why the virtuous woman was not compared to a diamond, instead of a ruby.  But a little research taught me that a top quality 1-carat ruby is worth twice as much as a 1-carat diamond!  In fact, I learned that a clear, transparent, and faultless ruby of a uniform deep-red color is the most valuable precious stone known to man!  Such rubies are the rarest of the most precious gemstones and a large (5 carats or more) translucent ruby is worth millions of dollars!
I know that I am priceless to my husband. But am I worthy of it? In many ways yes... but in some, NO! Thank God he loves me. And thank God he knows how hard I try.

Our Assignment was this Mission below. I have answered the questions HONESTLY below.
Project P31, Mission #1:

Our mission for this week to focus on what's going on "beneath the surface" of our lives.  Are we spending time with the Lord and in His Word, learning to think His thoughts and value what He values?  NOT ENOUGH. I'VE BEEN SLACKING. BUT I PICKED IT BACK UP AND I SEE A DIFFERENCE. Are we carefully monitoring what we allowing to enter our minds and hearts, so that we can be pure and blameless in His sight? YES. BUT I BELIEVE THERE IS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT ALWAYS.  Are we submitting ourselves to the pressures He brings into our lives, knowing that He is using them for a purpose -- to fashion us into a rare and priceless "ruby?" IT IS HARD TO SEE EVERYTHING AS HAVING A GOOD PURPOSE... BUT IN THE END, WE MUST SEE LIFE THAT WAY. PRAISING GOD ALWAYS, EVEN IN THE HARD TIMES.

Never lose hope ladies (and gents). We are all capable of change, through Him! I believe we have to continue to work on ourselves and set a good example. Thanks Elizabeth for another great post.

In Our Kitchen…

We had a great week last week, and this week is starting with steak! Yep, after our walk yesterday, we ate a late lunch, so none of us wanted steak for dinner (I know).

This week, our menu looks like this:
  • Sunday - I had pretzels, humus and cottage cheese if ya wanna know the truth! My guys had equally snack meals.
  • Monday - Steak, Roasted Veggies, Mashed Potatoes
  • Tuesday - Beans & Rice
  • Wednesday - Shepard's Pie
  • Thursday - Leftovers
  • Friday - Shrimp Tacos
  • Saturday - Unsure. Probably an early dinner and then we are going to see Dr. Ben Carson speak at a homeschool conference.
I am going to try to post a quick, money saver, food repurposing post every week on Tuesdays. It may be a new recipe. But it may just be a way to spiff up leftovers. Check back for that tomorrow.

 In Our School…

We had a great week. I will try to find exciting things to talk about in school at some point.

Try not to panic or laugh... but I think we are changing back to MODG (for next year). I know I know - more work for me in many ways. But if I am being honest, the Principal and I talked about it. And though Seton is rigorous, my child HATES the repetitiveness of it. He likes Memorizing poems and such. So, back to the classical education style, we go. I know, right? I really thought he liked it... but he's a pleaser (sometimes) and he was trying to make it easy on me. But he is miserable. And people, when a child is miserable, they can't learn.

School has gotten so difficult, I really considered putting Christopher in Public School - I know! But he said, "mom, but I can't pray in Public School. What if they make fun of me for praying before I eat?" Sigh. I have no argument for THAT particular logic.

Plus, I think a happy student will make a happier school. I really thought Seton was better for gifted students... but I forgot that not all students are gifted or learn in the same way.  Plus, I'm not sure Seton is for GIFTED students or just more robotic in their teaching. I know - live and learn. Two years ago, I jumped ship from MODG. I didn't think it was challenging enough.

But my challenge is ME. What? Yes... more on that, another day. lol

We have decided not to do Co-Ops next year. I find them unwelcoming and cliquish. I know - that is likely just me. But as a mom who is 10 - 25 years older than most moms I know... let's just say, my experience has taught me this.  We will, instead take music and art lessons... something like that.

Praying For…
  • Our Nation & World
  • Mental & Physical Welfare of friends & family.
  • Our Pope and Clergy.
  • For more joy in the little things…
  • The softening of people’s hearts!

My guys on the trail.
About half-way through, we rested. This is ME!
Lake water is very low, but beautiful.

 This is a group of trees whose roots are intertwined.

I told you... JUST GORGEOUS!

This week is a Co-Op Week. We are studying Saint Francis of Assisi. The children LOVE him, so it should be fun!

Today I am linking up with the following great ladies…
And now, I my student stayed up too late last evening. And he woke up nauseated because of it. Awww.... so now I have to wake him up and get school started.

Have a great rest of your day all.

Love, hugs & blessings,



  1. Em:

    THANK YOU so much for creating a link to my post from today within your post! Much appreciated!

    Em, it seems like you and I have much in common. In July 2013, my doctor told me my cholesterol was way too high and that I would need to go on cholesterol medicine and that I MUST lose weight. She put me on the North Mediterranean Diet (low carbs, low fat, high protein and high calcium). I eat a lot of fish (not shelled fish though) - more like salmon and tilapia, a lot of thin chicken breasts and pork chops. It worked. I lost 59 pounds over 18 months, and I don't exercise. I'm now in maintenance mode.

    To lose the weight you need to do it for yourself, and for no one else. You also need to incorporate foods into the diet that you actually like, or it won't work. Trust me when I say, you are worth the effort! I'm here for you if you need a listening ear.



    *Virginia Lieto, Inspirational Author* *Embrace the virtues to live a happier life!* Download your FREE Virtues Guide at Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google +, and Pinterest

  2. Thank you Ginny.
    I am starting a private WL Journal. At some point, I will bring it live.
    Once I get a little weight off and won't die of embarrassment.

    We do have a lot in common.
    You're a gem.

  3. Thm yeah! This you can do my friend.

  4. Thanks Michelle!
    WW was good. But I honestly do not have time to go and do.
    I need something my whole family can grasp.
    You know?
    How are you???

  5. You can totally do THM without setting off alarms. You can totally have them eat mostly THM without setting off alarms, lol! Grace Emily...grant yourself grace.

  6. Hi Em! I enjoyed stopping by here today! When did I last READ a blog post?? I've had such a busy week/month - I'm barely hanging on, Girl! :)

    Thanks for sharing so transparently about your hike! You can do it! You will master it! Just keep trying! THM is a good eating plan, but can be overwhelming at times. I don't know, I think any change can be overwhelming when life is so full and busy! Give yourself Grace!

    I was at my parent's house this past week and didn't get a Marriage Monday post up -- hopefully I can get back on track this coming Monday! :)

    Blessings on your day,


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