Thursday, January 29, 2015

Small Success Thursday.... Sigh...

Is God in control of your life, or are you? Does He have your permission to take you where He wants to, or are you the control freak who wants Him in the car but won’t let Him steer?  -from Tweet Inspiration

Happy Thursday.

This week. we are

The good thing about life is we all know it's GOOD and BAD! If someone says all the time, Life is Great. They are delusional or just lying. It's ok as it is their choice.

This week, we are sick. We've been fighting it for a week. We are sinus-challenged by genetics. HA I remember all the "hay fever" comments growing up. "It's worse in the morning!" House full of snorers, etc. For me, my septum looks like a winding river. No I will not have surgery. None of it was formed right, but with my luck, they'd poke my eyes out. LOL  I actually spent last weekend with fever and in bed... mostly!

However, I'm blaming Marque for this plague. HA! Seriously - for the first time in FOUR years, our doctor's office did not fit us in. For the first time in nine years Marque came home from work and stayed home yesterday and today. So, he went to the Minute Clinic yesterday. The very nice Nurse Practitioner said his sinuses were swollen, soft palette too, throat was raw... which is why she did not do a strep test AND sent him home with Flonase and a solution that would numb his throat. Sigh. We have been using Essential Oils, honey lemon, gargling with salt water.... but people, we may just need Antibiotics. WAAH!

This week, my cousin's husband finally succumbed to the cancer that has been ravaging him. It is devastating for all of us. My husband was planning to go to TN to represent us, but can't because he's sick.

I will say this, we are so blessed to have our Catholic Faith. God is so good and faithful to us. He is with us always. Whether we are sick or struggling. We can not be sad and miserable. How can we, if we read about the Saints and what they suffered. Must be positive... and march on!
 “The Lord, your God is in your midst, a warrior who gives you the victory; he will rejoice over you with gladness, he will renew you in his love; he will exult over you with loud singing, as on a day of festival” (3:17).
I come from a time where we were taught to count our blessings. This is why I am writing this post. But you did not come here for all that blah blah...  Anyway, I am linking up with the ladies at for Small Success Thursday.

Small Successes for this week...

  • Getting dressed daily (ok, except for today, so far, I am still in my nightgown).

  • My house is relatively clean.

  • My child is old enough to dress himself and cook basics (thank you God).

  • We got a lot of school done (except for today).

  • Essential Oils do seem to be helping.

  • Plenty of Freezer Food -

    • I had turkey soup in the freezer and my new toaster rocks out some cheesy toast. LOL

    • We have honey wheat bread in the freezer.

    • We have breakfast food in the freezer.

  • My husband actually stayed in bed and did not work yesterday (can't seem to say that for today).
And now, I'm going to have grits for breakfast. I'm not hungry, but Marque made them... so I figure I should eat a little.

I plan on coloring images and putting together a few cards today. I will let ya know.

I hope your weekend is great.




  1. Oh, feel better! That stinks. If you have garlic capsules or even garlic cloves in the fridge, take them. I prefer the coated garlic capsules to prevent garlic breath, but you can just cut a raw clove into swallowable chunks. It will kill bacteria and viruses. I take as much as I can stand.

    Love the tweet inspiration. I tend to think Jesus is driving, but really I usually settle back into telling Him how to drive. God bless, and I pray all that sickness leaves your house soon.!

  2. I hope you will feel better soon. My sympathies on your family's loss, and thank you for including that tweet inspiration at the top of your post. BOY I needed that one!

  3. Thank you.
    We are so blessed, aren't we, to have our Faith to fall back on.

  4. I do not have garlic capsules. I am going to order some with my next Vitacost order.
    It all works better when HE leads.

  5. You may not want to repel vampires anyway. ;)

  6. GRITS!! Get OUTta here. I have a friend who actually eats grits for breakfast. This Queens girl can't take it. How cool is THAT??!! Grits are only in movies, not on real breakfast tables. So you are just the stuff of well, FUN! Wow. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I truly never knew anyone who actually makes and eats grits. LOL

    But seriously, I'm So sorry about your cousin's sad, Em. And I had no idea you guys are still ill! I've sort of been wrapped up in family drama..... nothing serious. Just one pre teen and one teen and general life. Plus a blizzard and a driveway that gets longer and longer with each snowfall. uggh. But it's all fine.Well, right now it is, anyway. Trying to see the beauty in the snowfall actually DID help us get past the inconvenience and enjoy it! I do so agree with you about coming from an era of counting your blessings! I agree!

    Feel better, my friend.I hope to 'see' you soon


  7. Grits are the BEST food when you're sick! Warm, soothing comfort food. <3 My mom always made me grits whenever I was feeling puny and couldn't stomach anything else, and it's my standby now when the boys aren't feeling well. Anyway...hope you're all feeling better! If not now, then very soon. I have a bad sinus (thanks to a funky septum from when I was 3 yrs old and shoved a piece of crayon way up my nose...had to have it medically extracted while they held me upside down by my ankles. lol!). I always get sinusitis on that side whenever I have a cold (and sometimes for no reason). It always takes care of itself within a week or so, though (neti pot with a drop of grapefruit seed extract). xo

  8. p.s. I couldn't write anything if I couldn't use excessive parentheses. Ha! :D

  9. I know girl. Sometimes it's just that way! lol


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