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Daybook - 2015, Vol. 1

JANUARY 12, 2015
"If you learn everything except Christ, you learn nothing. If you learn nothing except Christ, you learn everything."
– St. Bonaventure

Happy Monday All!

We had a great weekend here at Maison Davis! We got some potentially bad news on Friday. Not ready to blog it yet. Sorry about that. We did a little praying and crying and more praying... and then we enjoyed our weekend. We are blessed to know how good God is. And we take refuge in Him.

We had a fire going all day Friday and Saturday. Don't you just love a roaring fire? We do...

Saturday evening my sweetie and I went on a date. Our friend Andi watched our boy... and we went to see Selma (a must see) and then went to BJ's.


I had a great spinach salad and he had a burger.  But mostly, we took a rare few hours to just us. It was nice.

Thankful For

  • My husband

  • Our Children & Grandchildren

  • Our Catholic Faith

  • My friends & extended family

  • My relationship with Our Holy Family because of my faith.

  • Rain

  • Fireplaces roaring because it's cold outside.

  • New cable knit blankets for all.

Thinking About

About Selma.. and how UGLY the "Christian" Whites were back then. My husband, naturally upset by the film, kept saying "why didn't' they fight back more?  There were more of them! I do not understand why the blacks did not fight more." And I told him because they were the ones being Christian. They wanted to do it the right way. OK - not all of them, but more good than bad, for sure.  This part of our history is so embarrassing. Here are a couple articles on Selma. Equally embarrassing is the greed of the King Children. How sad their father would be...

About Our Country.... I've been thinking a lot about the good old US of A. I really try not to say too much negative about our President. I know his job is hard. But yesterday, when all those World Leaders stood in unison with France, there was a gaping hole - AGAIN. Our lack of a good leader stood out like a big, giant, sore thumb! We really need to collect ourselves as a country and get our value-system right. And it shows very brightly in our domestic policy arena.

About this Quote from Franciscan Media...Today we worship things like social media, movies, sports, food, and entertainment. These are the idols that presently enslave our culture. And what makes matters worse is the fact that many of us don’t even realize that we’re worshiping false gods. -from Zealous

Other things on my mind...

  • Terrorism

  • Our closeness to God

  • How short life is - truly

  • Putting things in perspective


We took Christmas Down. Sigh. It's kind of bittersweet. Our home looks naked now. Well, not really... but it was a full day of cleaning and moving things back. Next weekend - time to tackle the playroom (much to my child'd dismay).

We all love babies. We crane our necks to see them be Baptized. We promise, with the parents and Godparents to pray for them, etc. We value our Baptismal Sacrament. But Our Lord, He is the ULTIMATE Sacrifice, born for us. No one was worthy to Baptize Him... but God allowed it so that He could live amongst us and give us HOPE! How much more should we celebrate our Lord's birth and Baptism?  I'm not saying if you don't, you are wrong. I'm saying it is part of the beauty of our Faith.

Also - I got a Young Living Essential Oil kit and I am so excited to learn more about them. I have so many friends that use them, I just can't deny their goodness any more.  If only we hadn't accidentally thrown away PEACE & CALM! Dear Lord... why???! lol I was a little frantic about it last night, but I ordered a replacement this morning and all should be well. Can you imagine?

In Our Kitchen...

Currently we are doing the Pantry Challenge. For the first time, my guys ARE really on board. I'm so excited. In the past, it's not been easy, because they were not on board.

This week, we had Marque's Birthday. Here are some pics from the occasion.

[caption id="attachment_5222" align="alignnone" width="500"]Mq bday compile Spaghetti & Giant Meatballs. Chocolate Cake. Birthday Boy![/caption]

To find out what we are eating this week, go here: Pantry Challenge, Week 2. Meanwhile, we have already changed our menu... my husband decided that Pot Pies were hard for a Monday, and I should just make chicken strips. We'll see. lol

Sunday, I baked Rye Bread. Today, Whole Grain White.  Yep, no bread buying because I need to use the flour and other stuff I have.

 In Our School...

Things are going well.  I sometimes feel like a failure. I sometimes think we rock. You know?

We are going back in Science and doing the experiments we've missed. No matter what, I'm working them in. This brings a smile to my student's face.. and that makes it worth it. In the below, we were studying water weight... hot water and cold water.

science experiment 1

Christopher is still learning to cook. We are also working on concentrating and getting work done on our own. And most importantly, this year, we are on schedule to finish within a week of Public School, so we are super excited.

Praying For...

  • Health...

    • my husband's especially.

  • Our lack of stick-to-it!

  • Finances

  • Families who suffer loss, especially those

    • who suffer terrorists.

    • where parents lose children.

  • Our World.

  • Our Pope and Clergy.

  • For more joy in the little things...

  • The softening of people's hearts!


Our daughter Nikki shared this picture of our Grandson Mason. We bought him this outfit while we were visiting. You see, Nannie said he could pick something out. AND he explained to me that he had an Iron Man Costume and a Thomas the Train... and that he needed a fireman outfit so that he could put water on the fire and rescue his mama and brother and Nana (who he lives with). How could I not buy it? The boy has a plan. She said that he's had it on for three days. HAHA

mason fire

Ok, I have to wrap up, because frankly I have stuff to do. Don't be jealous, but Monday is school, laundry and lots of other fun things like that...  Ahhh the glamour!

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Have a great day all.

Love, hugs & blessings,



  1. That's so cute about your grandson and his fireman outfit! Ok, bread, I think I remember you saying in a previous post that you have a super simple recipe? I hope that was you :) I'd be totally intrigued, since I LOVE homemade bread, but am nervous to make it without a bread maker and would love to get some insight from someone I "know" :) Have a great week!

  2. I do have a couple of easy recipes. I will find an email to you.

  3. Prayed for y'all this weekend and will continue. Never mind the times you feel like a failure...we all do as homeschoolers, at times. Focus on the times you know you rock! ;) We are WAY behind this year, while you're on schedule. We don't live too far from Selma. Our high school history teacher grew up there during that time and told us some first-hand stories.

  4. Thank you for your prayer and support. Xx oo


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